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Toothpaste that retains the sparkling white quality of one's teeth, even after living underground and spending time in Mexican jail.
"He swore by that Glisten"
"Who left the cap off my f***ing Glisten?"
by taedium February 14, 2012
Noun: Female sweat or persperation
"Man, I always work up a sweat when I run. But my girl just glistens"

"Yo, check out the glisten on that chick..."
by Roberto Joolez November 07, 2004
To shine due to expensive jewelry or Cleanliness
Look at that dude! His platinum watch and chain glistens in the moonlight.
by A.O.A January 05, 2004
When a vampire from the twilight universe goes out into the sun. It's achieved by regular people by sweating and being out in the sun.
I ran four miles and got my glisten on
by thepirateargggg July 04, 2011
whne one burgo sweats and produces a shiny oder which consists of wonderful smells
i dont sweat, I glisten
by jim staford January 06, 2009
Starcraft 2 Gosu Term to define ones audio skill level ingame

When you are listening but really listening

Source : StickyWaffle # Character Code 691 SC2
So Glisten.. I am rushing

So Glisten.. We gotta pwn these kids

So Glisten.. I need some vision to kill that chicken
by StickyWaffle July 13, 2011
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