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she/he is hot and cold. if you're ever on her/his bad side, RUN. she/he can be a sweetheart if you're her/his good friend. watch out boys/girls, glennie is what you call a neck breaker. if you really want to get to know her/him, dont be afraid to talk to glennie, she/he is friendly and sweet. MOSTLY a good kid. very competitive, doesnt like competition. also, she/he is spoiled.
have you seen glennie? he's hott
by crazy9898 April 05, 2011
A girl who looks like a man and goes steals jewlry at a store with her two friends to only be caught in the end by their mothers. She also use to go out with a guy named Sebas who says shes annoying and everyone thinks shes a stalker or weird
That girl thinks shes so cool and pretty but in reality shes annoying and ugly. She must be a Glennie
by animefreak915 December 13, 2010
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