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When a friend ditches you early, leaving you alone, typically in a msn conversation
Tim: Jase mate, stay with us up late on msn yeah?
Jase: Sure thing man
*Jase signs off*
Tim: I just got glenned!
by UDkid123 September 21, 2010
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The act of accidently striking oneself in one's balls, in an unusual way.
Jonny and Tom are talking about playing a board game, when Jonny tells Tom how he Glenned himself.

Jonny: Aw man, I had a book sitting on my lap while I was playing that game. I got so mad I slammed my fist on the book, and it hit me in the balls.

Tom: Aw man, you totally Glenned !
by Zoltaris November 30, 2011
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The result of having a few too many alcoholic beverages offered, and in tune consumed. Leads to a hangover that limits one's ability to perform the following day.
I couldn't say no to those tasty cocktails he kept mixing and ended up so glenned that I could barely function on Sunday.
by boldaddy May 01, 2009
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The act of stealing or attempting to steal anothers female partner.

Glenning - The act whilst being under took

A right glen - a person who is well known for glenning
I was right in with that tasty tart til that fat fucker over there glenned me
by Hairspray August 02, 2006
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