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Anyone over the age of thirty that faithfully watches and gets overly excited about the show "Glee".
Dave: "Dude! I can't wait for tonight's show! Brittany is doing Britney! I'm Gleeking out! Can I hang out and watch the show in your room with the other Gleeks? I'll make the popcorn!"

Ariel: "DAD! GROSS! You are such a Gleezer! Why don't you get a grip and go watch Dancing with the Stars in the living room with Mom?"
by Mizjames December 05, 2010
Do you love glee? Do you clear your schedule for glee? Do your friends call you to watch glee? Then you are a Gleezer. glee gleek tv show music
Make a L with your left hand , hold your hand to your forehead and tell everyone your a Gleezer. glee gleek tv show music
by Shenirefas November 12, 2010
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