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A female or (on rare occasions) a male who is obsessed with the musical mainstream teen soap opera Glee. If they start to defend themselves when questioned on why they enjoy watching such a corny ass show, they are most likely a Gleedle or on the dark unrighteous path to becoming one. It is possible for a Male Gleedle to be straight but it is not out of the question that they have most likely at one point in their life thought about what a "Dick feels like in their anus". Female fans are usually basic bitches & sing in front of a mirror into their hairbrush for 3 to 4 hours a day.
"That bitch hasn't even seen season 5, she just watches it on Netflix, she isn't a true Gleedle"
by Blackhawker June 30, 2014
A word with no meaning or purpose, but all the meaning and purpose in the world.
logan is a gleedle

That car is so gleedle

This is a gleedle situation

This day has been so gleedle:)!
by shnoginator June 20, 2011

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