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To throw up into a pint glass, usually having just downed the contents of the glass
Kevin downed his pint and then gleaved it back up
by BigFishyJohn July 20, 2008
The act of getting up and leaving the room whenever Glee comes on the TV.
Larry will gleave if you turn on Glee.
Larry has gleft the building.
by Sadie Buttons December 15, 2010
A slang invented by Jonathan Blackburn meaning a male's ejaculated sperm or semen.
Mitchell: Dude what's that white stuff?

Jonathan: It's my gleave all over your mom's face!
by patsaaron0218 June 09, 2010
Happiness of a consistent nature that endures for a long time. One who gives such consistent happiness through friendship may be called Gleavey.
Gleavey has been my best friend and most consistent cheerer-upper since 1986
by Elpiniki's arch nemesis February 09, 2010
(noun) - a combination of a sleave and a glove, most often used with a long sleave shirt, but may be used with a short sleave shirt for little people.
Girl 1: OMG, my hands are freezing! I wish I had remembered my gloves. How'd you remember yours?
Girl 2: My shirt has gleaves, so I never have to worry about my hands getting cold!
by Tiger_Lover_4Ever!!! September 26, 2010
Something that is found in your toilet.
"Honey... the toilets blocked!"
"What with?"
"A Gleave"
by MarcusGleave September 07, 2006
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