Term used in pornography and sex to describe when a butthole gets covered in semen.
He pulled out and glazed her donut.
by BShizzle December 02, 2004
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The after effects of eating your girls pussy. The wet, sticky sauce that is left shimmerring on your face after cunnilingis.
God damn, where's my sunglasses? Your face is so shiny, you must have been eatin' pussy for a week solid !
by Kool Kolino January 01, 2005
A word that disses the chicago gang gangser(G.D)
Me and my lords are going to kick some glazed donuts ass.
by LEE August 01, 2003
When one's face has a coating of bodily fluid on it giving it a look of a glazed donut. Can be fluids from female or male. Usually sticky in texture but shiny in appearance
I pleasured her for a few hours and afterward my face looked like a glazed donut
by G-manicus September 15, 2010
A glazed donut is when a guy ejaculates semen on a woman's anal hole and smears it around thsu creating a glazed donut effect.
I gave her a glazed donut and her girlfriend ate it.
by Breejock October 07, 2007
When a girl gives a guy a blowjob and then the guy glazes her stomach to look like a donut, with the belly button as the center.
Dude just glazed donuted this bitch!

Yo that gurl knows how to receive a glazed donut!

Man I wish i could glaze donut a chick
by Token, Tonto, Geroge Lopez ODU February 10, 2009
When you wake up before she does with a hard on and you jerk off on her face. Then, when she wakes up, her eyes are glued shut.
I wanted to get some pussy but she wasn't awake. So, I went ahead and ripped cord on her face, ultimately giving her a "Glazed Donut"!!!
by Johnny Pizza March 21, 2011

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