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When one's face has a coating of bodily fluid on it giving it a look of a glazed donut. Can be fluids from female or male. Usually sticky in texture but shiny in appearance
I pleasured her for a few hours and afterward my face looked like a glazed donut
by G-manicus September 15, 2010
A female or male who preys on a guy. Can be found at bars hovering around looking for a guy to take home. Can be found in other public places as well.
I saw her leave with three different guys in the last two nights at this club. That girl is definitely a Cock Vulture.
by G-manicus April 18, 2010
Cunalingus delivered with an extremely high frequency of tongue movement in a semi-eliptical progression. Varying pressure must be applied to execute properly.
My tongue was bashing up on her clit like a speedbag.. She was definitely getting the ol' Humdinger speedbag special!
by G-manicus September 15, 2010
Woman who dates Asian Men for money
I saw her with that Asian dude the other day. Oh yeah, she's a total cheddar bunny.
by G-manicus September 09, 2010
the event of the sequential emissions of ejaculate from a male.
I was taking care of my needs and busted out a full fatty rope show all over the bathroom mirror and sink fixtures.

She came over to the house and I proceded to introduce her to the rope show

I pulled out and blasted bucksnot all over her face and said.. " welcome to the rope show babe!".
by G-manicus September 15, 2010
Deer semen or territorial marking fluid of a male deer. Nicknamed: Buck sauce
Give er a gallon full o Buck sauce.

Ya got Buck sauce coming out yer gills!

We had an awesome night ..except for all the Buck sauce we got on the vacationing neighbors' sheets! :P Lol!!
by G-manicus June 27, 2013
clitoris of an older woman-- although it could be of a younger woman who has abused her vagina. weathered and beaten in appearance like an old catchers mitt
This old cougar was trying to put moves on me but I didn't want any part of her tired old raisin.

I told the mean Meter maid to shove the parking ticket up her ass and go flick her tired old raisin
by G-manicus September 15, 2010

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