City in Scotland, known in Victorian times as the "second city of the Empire". Now a days, it is more known for its ship building (The H.M.S. Diamond was built there) and its population's love of cheap booze, track suits and machetes. For proof of this, see Sauchiehill Street at around 0100 on a Saturday morning.
Typical scene in Glasgow. ~0100 on a Saturday morning.

(Ned 1) - Orright bawbag, the fuck de yeh want?

(Ned 2) - Nuhin, just gee's some Buckie then fuck off, right.

(Ned 3) - Oy, you, gee's a quid or I'll stab yeh.

{Machetes are drawn.}

(Tourist) - Crap, why did we come to Glasgow? Why didn't we go to Aberdeen instead?
by AwkOS V2*72 November 02, 2010
a place that god forgot and i wish i could
the only place in britain where you can buy a weeks worth of booze for under a fiver or want to and the only place i can picture someone punching a brning man in the face

you gotta love it tho
"na dont go glasgow you'll get horribly stabbed"
"it'll be fun tho"
"fair point"
by 9990000 April 20, 2009
A shit-hole at the end of the M8 motorway
What do I like best about Glasgow?? Seeing it in my rear-view mirror!!
by Skirtlifter_redux April 16, 2011
Glasgow is a complicated city in Scotland defined by extreme highs and lows. For example, its extremely high citizens (especially in areas like Castlemilk (also known as Chateau Lait by the cultured) and Govan) and its extremely low IQs. To be fair, this definition could apply to the rest of Scotland as well. Known as Glaswegians or Weegies by the rest of the country and held in particularly high regard, its people scrape an existence in call centres, pound shops and in the wholesale distribution of sugar, alcohol and saturated fat to the population.

Epitomised by 'football' teams Celtic and Rangers who slug it out each year to be crowned Champion of the most meaningless competition since the "World Series" of Baseball kicked off in 1903, Glasgow has few real attractions.

Rare highlights include getting mugged on one of the city's many dangerous walks home, avoiding sex offenders in its train station toilets and running the gauntlet of Big Issue sellers and Chuggers on any street where at least one cigarette shop/charging cash machine/drug dealer still operates.
An Edinburgh joke about Glasgow:

Q. How do you make a ouija board (pronounced weegiebored)?

A. Steal his Buckfast and hide his Jellies.
by Genghis Khant March 24, 2010
A term given to men who wear Uggs.
"look at that glasgow over there!"
by Suductriss April 16, 2009
A City full of Pot smokin weegies. The are scum and are the runts of earth.
Those weegy fucks from Glasgow love giro day.
by Ploppp April 21, 2010
a person who sucks at life, and likes toms and chris,s
i was at work, and glasgow lost his salad.
by ass cow January 17, 2008

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