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When a female uses a rusty and or lubricated muffler as a pleasure tool.
My girlfriend got so horney when she heard I was going to give her a Glankler. Boy was she wrong when her ass hurt for a week.
by Biguss Dickuss January 26, 2009
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A person who lurks with a ghost, chopper, banshee, mongoose, etc. on a Halo 3 online match. These people either like to piss people off, or are trying to get a splatter spree achievement. Closely related to a 'skeeza', glankers will often horde spartan lasers and rocket launchers as to not be blow up while they are trying to lurk. In the post game lobby they will be harassed and tormented by those who were the victims of there blunt but stealthy assault.
"Glankler at your 9 'o clock!!!"

"Holy crap!!! Where did he learn to camp like that, Boy Scouts?!!"

"Hey blow up that glankler behind that rock over there."
"Sure thing, he's been lurkin' since the match started."

"Glanklers, Skeezas, good lord this map is infested with boy scouts!!!"
by An angry Halo3ist May 12, 2009
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