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A Bum that knows how to fight and does not have any limits, also known to be constantly drunk and rummaged around dumpsters for a while. A good example of a Gladiator bum is in the controversial film Bumfights.Rufus Hannah was a good example of a gladiator bum he fought his best friend and bum Donnie for $20.00 and a bottle of beer. Rufus is no longer a gladiator bum though because he owns an apartment and has a job. Donnie can also be considered a Gladiator Bum but not as extreme as his friend. Gladiator Bums are also known to get tattoos on them. like Rufus who got "Bumfight" tattooed on his knuckles, and Donnie who get "Bumfights tattooed on his forehead for $200.00 and free B.J. from a dirty crack woman. Never fight a Gladiator Bum because they will defeat and humiliate you.
Damn, Rufus just broke Donnie's leg for a bottle of booze and 20 bucks hes a real Gladiator Bum
Bumfights produced two noteworthy Bums, but Only one prevailed and that was Rufus Hannah aka "Rufus the stunt bum".
To be called a Gladiator Bum is the same as being called Chuck Norris So Rufus the stunt bum was basically the Chuck Norris of Bums.
by Rufus for President 2012 April 26, 2010
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