The spiritual and physical home to the People of Gisborne, New Zealand. Although many Gizzy Expats are away, they take a piece of gizzy with them.
Whether it's shitting on someones lawn when drunk, or starting a streetwide brawl over a half empty keg of beer. Gizzy Follows it's locals.
Holy crap, that guy is passed out in his own spew at 3 in the afternoon!
That is so Gizzy
by Gizzy Hardcore July 17, 2008
nickname used on the person whose throat you shove your tongue down! or the person who you let put his hands down yo pants and up yo shirt! or the person who does all tha ear-nibblin', face-suckin', an neck-nuzzlin!
john is SO totally katherine's gizzy!!
by ~Seanzgizzy~ March 10, 2003

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