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If you find a Giulio you are very lucky. Giulio makes an AMAZING lover, hung like a horse. Giulios are always thinking about what their partner wants. A Giulio may also be a super hot stoner, with slightly idealistic views of life. Giulio is very smart and a wonderfully creative. He is in constant strive for his own personal identity.... This might get annoying to the people around him. Giulios are not very popular, but this feeds their creative energy. A Giulio has a few close friends and is extremely loyal. Giulios are not mainstream, they like to be individuals. Giulios often enjoy sports and the outdoors. They often dress in flannels, blue jeans, hoodies, vans, and beanies. Giulios listen to the best music. They often struggle with an ongoing internal battle between a sense of superior intellect that often comes across as condescending, and being extremely kind-hearted. Giulios are pretty fucking cool. Even if they don't always know it. They make great friends.
Lizzie- I lost my virginity this week end!!!

Becky- OH MY GAWD!!! WHO WITH!?!?!?

Lizzie- Giulio! It was magical.

Becky- Wow... How can you still walk??

Rachel- Look its Giulio. He must have just got back from camping.

Barbie-Are those hickies all over his neck??

Rachel-I wouldn't be surprised. Who wouldn't hook up with him? I mean he is such a sweetheart but he also just has that cool... You know that whole "I'm to smart to give a fuck" thing?

Barbie- Yeah, I'd want to smoke with him some time...

Rachel- Who wouldn't..
by OneHappyCamper17 November 28, 2011
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A flirt, flirts with anything female that is human and alive. Yet at the same time not aware of the flirting. For them it's as natural as breathing. Tells a lot of jokes, not all of them funny, but some of them are great. Cares about other people despite whatever he's put through loyal like a dog on a bone. Usually into video games and making obvious statements in class just to get it out there for everyone's amusement, whether that be with him or at him. Shameless and extroverted.
1) Dude, why did you say, that was such a Giulio.
2) He was being such a Giulio hitting on all the girls.
3) He pulled a Giulio on stage and had that audience dying.
by Jason25 June 06, 2010
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The epitome of donkey sized pork tenderloin manhood.
While walking down the meat isle i tripped over a Giulio and my face fell into the pankcake mix.
by StallionPork12 February 11, 2010
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Bitch ass pussy who points his finger when he dances and sucks at runnin drugs
by Mr. Heisler March 24, 2010
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When you suddenly embarrass yourself in public is known as a Giulio; For example stating the obvious and people laughing at how stupid you are, Saying something completely stupid, or soiling yourself in front of all your friends.
1) It was so embarrassing when i soiled myself, i felt like Giulio
2) I really felt like Giulio when i made that stupid remark
3) He threw a Giulio to get out of class, and embarrassed himself
by Znabby May 22, 2009
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