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To feel Fun, excitement, glamor, out-going, loud, willing, free-feeling, butterflies in the stomach feeling, very silly, giggly, laugh a lot
1. those earings are so gittery!
2. A cute boy/girl smiles at you, your response "oh GitterY"
3 This song makes me gittery
by Chelsea Rath July 12, 2007
6 1
happy while being extremely tense and nervous at the same time.
Im so gittery right now.
...I just found $20 but that guy over there keeps looking at me.
by Nickeshia October 19, 2007
11 6
To get excited and have the need to giggle that you are happy.
Look at that girl with her new toy, she is all gittery
by Konkins August 10, 2010
4 3