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A classy French cigarette popular among sophisticated smokers, these are not to be found in your typical gas station or kwik-e-mart. The word literally translates as "gypsy woman". Distribution has recently been banned in the USA, causing distress to smokers of this aromatic and distinct cigarette.
"Pierre, do you have a Gitanes? I've been desperate for a good smoke all day."
by Lucy R. October 29, 2007
originated from unley high an unbelievably powerful bike not to be messed with
Gitane fuk yeh here again to save the mudda fuken day yeh

Get a life get a gitane
Go gitane or go home
by jarrad April 07, 2005
A very good bike brand but is not as good as Haro.
im going to jump over your Gitane with my Haro

Haro is soo much better than Gitane
by andy April 08, 2005
gitane is a good bike but YO IT GETS ROLLED BY HARDCORE STANDISH!
yo im gonna ghost my hardcore Standish straight threw your gitane
by sean April 14, 2005
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