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"Just a term" used as a nickname- if said by person of a male gender

or an insult- if a person of the female gender has overheard your term. If so, someone needs to come and "Git-A-Bitch" off you.

Also refereed to as a form of action, brawl or attack.

And at times, rarely.. but at times, used as a school grade. Yet again, bitches never get A's... So don't stress.
"Now a days you cannot Git-A-Bitch to add you on Facebook"
"In Algebra, you better Git-A-Bitch. Or your grounded"

Man 1: "I would like to shove that Shish-ka-bob straight up his ass for that."

Man 2: "Git-A-Bitch!"
by iichikstikii August 03, 2012
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