What nearly everyone in the nation says instead of that retarded, southern redneck term Git R Dun (or Git Er Done).
First widely introduced by Larry The Cable Guy, Git R Dun was apparently an attempt to further destroy the English language, and in an effort to make some Americans a little bit dumber and more irritating. Fortunately, however, most Americans aren't attracted to this horrid slang term, and the majority of us still say "git it done" (or get it done, in proper written form.)
A white trash Southerner: GIT ER DUUUNNN!!
Me: It's GIT IT DONE you moronic, imbred piece of shit!
by A Hoosier May 13, 2005
Top Definition
The proper term that everyone else uses instead of the pro-Southern rednecks and the imbred types that say Git R Dun. (Other spellings include Get R Dun, Git-r-dun, and Git Er Done.)

This is the standard phrase that is used for completing a task, to have sex with a girl, make a smart purchase, etc. In addition it is what the majority of all people in America say instead of that mangled distortion known as Git R Dun.
Even George W. Bush says "Git it done". It's shocking that most people, fortunately still say git it done (or get it done), even inspite of the TV satellite and cable access to the retarded slang coined by the infamous redneck Larry the Cable Guy.
by The Kentucky Yankee March 19, 2005
a phrase used by southern men and women, and Larry, by the way who has made more money than most of the morans writing these definitions, as a form of talk just like every other group of people around the USA has choosen for their pleasure. Down here in the south "GOD's country", we don't need to have a ten page report on how to do something.
Joe git it done! A simple phrase used by soutern foke to simplify some yankey taking ten minutes with five hunderd words on how to get the job done!!!!!
by R.A.Wise September 18, 2006
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