A ridiculously vacuous phrase most often uttered by white middle-class suburbanites and lower-class city dwellers to express an imaginary connection with the country or cowboy lifestyles. Most often used in reference to a task, since it is a take on "get her done," meaning to finish a job, primarily something associated with blue-collar work. The biggest fans of this phrase and its subsiquent cultural niche are those who either have never lived on a farm, never seen a cow, or are unhealthily obsessed with country music. They most often drive pick-up trucks that they don't actually haul anything in, but like to rig out with winches and toolboxes as if they've got important things to do. Similar to poser and cowboy up.
Cleatus: "Gotta go 'round old man Miller's ranch and git them irrigation pipes."
John Boy: "Let's git er done."

Suburban whitey 1: "Hey, you want to help me install this 200 dollar tool box into my overpriced and ridiculously big pick-up that I only have to haul the groceries home and make me feel better about my small penis?"

Suburban whitey 2: "Let's git er done."
by Eric in NE March 01, 2006
The expression that Larry the Cable Guy uses. Means to fuck, get drunk, get ripped, etc. it basically works for anything of that sort.
Ryan: "Yo Tony, finish off that 2/6 and lets bounce."
Drew: "Ya Tony, Git-er-done!!"

Bryce: "Hey Tony, I think that chick over there is checkin you out... Git-er-done!"
by the_doc October 07, 2006
I can't believe anyone is putting down this phrase!!!!! I'm from the "North", and if my Boss came to me and said "Get This Finished!", I would be PO'ed the rest of the day! But, if he said "Git Er Done!", I would try like hell! The "American" English language is based on slang! We add words to the "English" dictionary every year that are taken directly from "OUR" language! If you people want to speak "Proper English", Then go back and live with the Queen! And get the hell out of America! We don't have room for people that can't appreciate a little clean humor!
Git Er Done = Just some light hearted humor!
by CC. February 01, 2006
- The south-of-the-mason-dixon-line equivolent of fuhgeddaboudit.
- Can have meanings in several contexts.
Git er done is like if you agree with someone, you know, like Faith Hill is one great piece of ass, get er done. But then, if you disagree, like A Ford is better than a Chevy? Get er done! you know? But then, it's also like if something's the greatest thing in the world, like chicken and waffles, get er done. But it's also like saying Go to hell! too. Like, you know, like "Hey Bubba, you got a one inch pecker?" and Bubba says "Get er done!" ....and sometimes it just means get er done.
by 90% Airzooka August 17, 2007
meaning by a true Southerner. Get on with it, or in other slang..jam it up.
You Yankees need to get a life and quit taking everything so seriously! Giterdun!!
by NativeMS July 31, 2005
Complete a task (get her done). The phrase can and is used by idiots all too often. Because it is only spoken by white trash and wanna-be white trash, the users attribute it's invention to "Larry the Cable Guy" (whoever that is) when in actuality the phrase was first made popular by John Travolta's character in the 1976 film Carrie, based on the Stephen King novel. If you're going to show what a moron you are by using this phrase, at least know when it was introduced to pop culture.
random person: I have to do some laundry.

idiot: Git Er Done!!!

random person: shut up, you're such an idiot for saying that - it's totally stupid!
by Mr. Jiggles August 16, 2007
A phrase that has the potential to send normal people or anyone who doesn't like the phrase (87% of all people in existence, including many Southerners) into severe fits of rage and irritation. See example below.
Slow Southern retard: GIT ER DONE!!!
Me: (Aims the shotgun at his face) KA-BOOOM!!! "GOT Er Done, bitch."
by Radical Republican November 29, 2004
The phrase Larry the Cable Guy uses in his stand up to try to appear funny. 99% of the time no one laughs and he should be boo'd off the stage 100% of the time.
Also used by those that try to act "redneck" which consequently only makes the individual look like a douche bag.
Billy: Hey Joe lets go swimming.
Joe: Git er done.
Billy: On second thought, get a away from me. Dont ever talk to me again; you make my IQ drop just by looking at you. Fag
by ItsGoTime November 15, 2007

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