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4 definitions by TheSarahJ

Git-er-done is a statement of boisterous completion or encouraging another person to get something done, completed or finished. It can also be used at random times, such as traffic jams, sports events and oh yes - your favorite I'm sure, Nascar. Its origins are thought by some to be sexual, which it does work well in that context, but its not limited to that. In the last two years Git-er-done has debuted in many social and ethnic settings, thus expanding its borders beyond redneckdome to actual cultural diversity.
Redneck 1: Git-er-done!
Redneck 2: YEAH! GIT-ER-DONE!!
by TheSarahJ October 15, 2007
The act of sucking joy out of an experience.
"Some people don't know how to live without complaining - basically joysucking everywhere they go."
by TheSarahJ October 09, 2007
A beavah that is of British descent, speaks with a British accent, usually has an angry look on his face, and carries around a British flag.
Oh my goodness, look, it's the British beavah!
by TheSarahJ October 10, 2007
A beaver that is British.
Mate, it's the british beavah!!!
by TheSarahJ October 10, 2007