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The kingdom of girlishness. You know... that slightly annoying state of girlishness that some chicks spend more time in than others. As a laid-back girl, you get sucked into girlydom from time to time, but eventually return to normalcy. It's okay to go there for a visit, but you have to keep a sense of cool, calm, collected-girl balance.
Girl who spends 100% of her time in girlydom: Like, ohmigawsh, Stephanie! Like I totally just bought THE cutest pair of pink satin peeptoes! Won't they look TOTALLY adorable with my dress? Hehe!

Stephanie: Awwwwe! Mark is totally going to notice all those details and love the combo!

Laid-back girl: Wow, that girl is pretty much the duchess of girlydom.
by Knotty Knott February 10, 2010

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