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A Myspace Bulletin, written by a girl. Bulletin may contain idiotic phrases, these things: <3, horribly misspelled words, improper grammar, and overall an unbelievable amount of idiocy.

Best to avoid these and not open them at all, seeing as how they are a waste of time, and may lower your IQ just by reading them.
Subject: LoL iM a SluTT wit hugE TiTz!loll<3<3<3
Lol u opned tihs now u hav 2 repost in 2 sec. or else ur luv life will be bad for 15 yrs! lol!!!!!!!!!11111


Paul: "Oh my fucking god, Bob. Come read Sabrina's Girletin."
Bob: "Holy shit, what a retard."
by jghydra September 12, 2007
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