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An affliction that causes some female internet users to play the sexpot or drama queen once they figure out that they are practically the only girls at a forum. Sufferers will make nonstop flirty comments , continually bring up their bra size, and make fellatio jokes. Inevitably, a male member will go too far and offend the girl (typically by asking for nude pics or sexual services), leading to much online outrage and drama.
Rob: PinkGoddess has posted three times that she's wearing a thong today.

Jason: it sounds like someone has a bad case of Girl on the Internet Syndrome.
#drama #camwhore #attention whore #tease #offended #gotis
by Sunshine Superman August 29, 2010
The tendency for male internet denizens to, in short, suck up to and give a lot of attention to females on the internet. This raises their chances of ever getting laid with said females by about 0.0%.

Symptoms of girl on the internet syndrome include making a big fuss when a person is found to be female, complimenting her every time she posts a picture, regarding her as a quality poster in a forum even if she isn't, giving her mindless attention, denying having girl on the internet syndrome, making sexist jokes so as to "prove" no preference toward internet females, annoying women, asking women to be e-girlfriends, alienating women, asking for nude pics, and wondering why women don't seem to be on the internet that much.
Person 1: OMG, a girl on the Internet! I better respond every time she posts a pic of herself by saying she looks pretty. Maybe I'll get into her pants!

Person 2: dude, you have girl on the internet syndrome.

Person 1: no I don't! Women belong in the kitchen.

Person 2: uhh, OK.
#white knight #internet male #internet #tits or gtfo #lolz #girls #girl gamer #edate #camwhore #women
by ovanova July 11, 2009
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