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The same thing as boyscouts only better because they sell cookies that are good.
GIMME SUM FUCKIN CARMEL DELIGHTS OR I'LL KILL EVERY MOTHER FUCKEER IN THIS ROOM! THER'es GONNA Be blooOd all over the ciling and little girls heead s In flAming FlayMezz flying across the room shooting guts oUT!
by Kruger 7 March 23, 2005
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An organization that is not dedicated teaching young girls good morals, but a business dedicated making profit from selling cookies.

In short: Cookie Terrorist
The car bombing last week was a result of the terrorist organization, Girl Scouts of America, whose vicious tactics have resulting in the purchase of 5.324 trillion boxes of their Samoa Cookies.
by Andrew and Rebecca November 18, 2009

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