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A type of mouse which generally very small in size when compared to othr mice.It tends to mate with mice which are 2-3 times its size.
If the mouse girish was a human,it would weight about 25 kg male who is having sex with 75kg ladies.
by Barthez August 15, 2006
Girish! is a Hindu name which means "lord of the mountain" in Sanskrit. This is a name of the god, Shiva, given because of his abode in the Himalayan Mountains. In a modern context, Girish is everything a girl ever wanted from a guy. He's gentle and patient, witty yet scathingly sarcastic, light-hearted yet wise and knowing beyond his years... He might like chocolate beyond belief. He also tastes like pudding.
Hey, ya know Girish?
(sighs)... I wish I did...

OMG was that girish on that crazy yellow bike?
swoon ...what?
by schmuckles February 04, 2010
Usually a name for an Indian boy, Girish is an innocent male that has a weakness for promiscuous redheads. Girish will often find himself savagely attacked by redheads.
"I heard there's another Girish in our year level"
"Poor guy"
by Titzilla October 16, 2013
A definition for massive accumulated wealth. Particularly acquired through ill gotten means.

Also to burn, destroy, short (see pu"short"um), nuke, explode.

Unable to finish his or her money supply.
I am girish rich.

Don't go girish on that backback
by Titan999 June 06, 2010