One of the most kickass cartoon characters EVAH! GIR (a dysfunctional SIR, Standard Information Retrieval unit) is Zim's robot servant however he rarely obeys. Nobody knows what the G in GIR stands for, GIR said it himself in the first episode. Jhonen Vasques, the creator, said it was never meant to be found out. GIR has a short attention span and is completely random. As a disguise to not look like a robot when humans see him, he wears a green dog suit. It has pretty big eyes and a tongue sticking out. As a robot he changes. He has blue eyes, shoulders, and a blue square on his chest area. When he is in duty mode those blue parts turn red and he half-shuts his eyes, almost in an angry look. GIR loves waffles, the angry monkey show, tacos, rubber piggies, bees, and doom. He also likes to sing the Doom Song, which is a song consisting of the word doom and goes on for six months. When GIR has temper tantrums they are usually the same. He screams until he gets what he wants, seen in FBI Warning of Doom and Zim Eats Waffles. When GIR made waffles Zim didn't want to eat, he screamed until Zim ate them. This happened twice, the second time he repeatedly slapped Zim with a waffle. He has a high pitched voice that isn't annoying, but strangely cute. When he walks in his dog suit his feet squeak. Overall, hilarious and cute.
GIR quotes:
*Doorbell rings* Leprechauns!
I wanna watch the scary monkey show!
Yay! We're doomed!
I'm gonna huuug yoou!
You gonna make biscuits? You gonna make biscuits? YOU GONNA MAKE BISCUITS?
Zim: Why was there bacon in the soap?!
Tell me a story about giant pigs!
Must bey the taco man!
But I NEED tacos! I need them or I will explode! That happens to me sometimes!
All these children will go to a special place made of food. I like food.
Zim: GIR? What does the G stand for?
I don't know...
Zim: Now selfdestruct!
You look like you need waffles boo hoo hoo.
Yay I'm gonna be sick!
I can see up it's nose.
But won't it just explode? Just like this KABLAM!
But if the big splody goes fast, won't it get all bad?
Hi floor! Make me a sammich!
I wants me a barrel of floss! I wants me two balls of glue…TO BE MY FRIENDS! And I wants to go dancing NAKED! And I wants… (hours later) ...And I want a chair made of cheese. And I want a table made of cheese.
Television is stupid!
You're intelligence is stupid!
Target found! Eliminate moron!
Do de do de do de do de do de do de doo.
I'm gonna roll around on the floor for a bit K?
I had a sammich in my head!
You didn't have to yell at me. I just... I got rid of my sammich.
So about my sammich.
by invader Jenna August 29, 2010
The most amazing character ever to be invented by nicktoons. Yes, that is a fact. He is a hilarious robot sidekick for Invader Zim, and his head is filled with pennies and paperclips. Though it has been known to house the occasional sandwich...
My fav line from Gir:

Zim: "Be careful to monitor these levels carefully. It could explode and eat our brains!" (or some such thing)

Gir: "Okay. *banging wildly on keyboard* I'M DOING IT!"
by hershejet March 20, 2010
1) The noise angry things make
2) A robot in a popular nick show "Invader Zim".
3) To be annoying and have a short attention span (like the toon "GIR")
a) You so ugly
b) gir >:(

a) Lets watch Invader Zim.
b) ok. I love GIR.

b) what?
b) You are so Gir.
by Invader Richii August 30, 2006
Acronym for "get it right" Used when texting (because you shouldn't use the acronym while speaking) and someone says something you feel is wrong or incorrect in some way, especially if what he/she said incorrectly involves the person delivering the correction.
Guy 1: Dude, I bet you can barely bench 50 pounds.
Guy 2: I can bench 125 pounds easy, GIR!
by Sir Geon February 13, 2015
a nickname for anybody who wears Invager Zim merch often and is very sopntanious and random. Usually is loved my friends and considered almost as family.
HEY Gir! -waves- come over here!
Gir... you have ANOTHER invader Zim shirt?
by Alyssa Kimbrough July 04, 2010
The best Taco eating, pig loving, beat boxing, waffle making, cake baking, movie watching, funny talking, wannabe mongoose Robot Dog in the history of the world EVER. Nobody knows what the G stands for, though. It may stand for Greatest Irken Robot.
I liiiike to make waaaaafleeeessss....

I'm baking the cake! ^_^

But I need my tacos! I need them or I will explode! That happens to me sometimes.
by Invader C July 31, 2011
teh Badeest bad Ass on Invader Zim oFTo
Some examlples of Gir's awesomeness:
"I wanna be a mongoose. Can I be a mongoose dog?"

"I'm dancin' like a monkey!"

"I'm naked!"

"I saw a aquirrel. It was doin' like this, 'tk tk tk tk tk'"

"I love this show..."

"I miss you cupcake."

"I love-ed you piggy, I LOVE-ED YOU!!!"
by ZeldaNerdd♥ January 11, 2012

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