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Noun, found most often spoken in Pittsburghese.
Variation on Roots: Yinzer, and Ginger

A characteristic native of Pittsburgh who also has red hair, freckles and/or pale skin.

These gentlemen or ladies are often allusive, magical, and occasionally dangerous.
I was at the Pens game the other night and right in front of me was the longest, reddest mullet I had ever seen. I then glanced to the cup holder and saw that he had brought his own Iron City into the game. When he stood, he wore the glorious penguin on his jersey and as he turned his be-freckled visage apon me, I knew that my search had ended. I had found a full blooded Ginzer. I nodded to him with quiet respect.
#yinz #yinzer #ginger #gynzer #pittsburgh #pittsburghese
by Street Listens January 08, 2008
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