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gini is a very attractive girl that has one boy always wanting to be her boyfriend even if it means doing crazy things for her
damm gini is hot i think i love her
by cragswell February 19, 2011
A shortening of the name Virginia, pronounced Gin(like the drink) followed by a hard "E" sound. It is also (and more commonly) spelled Ginny. Not to be confused with Jenny, which is a shortening of the name Jennifer.
My name is Virginia but everyone calls me Gini.

My name is GIN-E not Jenny or Jen or Gina. And it's short for Virginia not Jennifer don't make assumptions they usually just make you look stupid and/or rude.
by Virginia T. April 02, 2008
A derogatory term used in reference to Italians.
"Ive got a gun in my sock and ill waste all those gini motha fuckas" -Carlitos Way
by The Grave December 01, 2005
1. the genitalia of a intersexual person. (also known as a hermaphrodite)
"Ah Merle, I think your girlfriend has a ginis."
"I could get myself pregnant because I have a ginis."
by Heather MH May 02, 2007
first of all pipes! u fuckin retard a gini isnt a cracker ass w/e the hell u said, now seein as im italian i wouldnt normally do this but a gini is a slang for an italian U DUM FUCK
i aint givin an example of a gini, jesus let my ppl go!!!!
by donny brasco April 12, 2005
definition; a fuckin cracker ass white muther fucker
white guy; good morning nigger/spik

black/hispanic guy; good morning you fuckin cracker ass gini
by pipes February 04, 2005
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