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Noun: A religion developed by scholars at ATeam Inc. which promotes the woship, love, and complete following of Gingercat. Gingercat is a cat belonging to the Hughes residence, and has very holy tendancies. To worship any other idol is a sacrelige, and will result in eternity in Hell. With a certain educator who is believed to be the re-incarnation of Anne Frank.
Fred: Hey, Joe, I'm Catholic. What are you?
Joe: I follow Gingercat.

Fred: I am jealous.
by Georgeharrisonfann May 28, 2009
A GameSurge staff member from Australia who thinks he is a cat.
Brad is an EVIL KITTEH NAMED Gingercat@!11~
by terminal February 20, 2004
A Ginger Cat is a orangish redish cat that is often seen hiding in the darkness or eating children. These cats have no souls or regard for anything.
"Man, I'm glad I threw that Ginger Cat off that bridge!"
by LockDown August 17, 2013
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