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When in hopes to attract a ginger, one places hand underneath chin and waves fingers frantically, while making a turkey gobbling noise. All the while, making crazy eyes and bobbing their head.

This call is highly effective and ginger's simply cannot refuse it.
Girl: So I saw a sexy ginger today.

Friend: Did you ginger call that hot thang?

Girl: Yup and ginge responded.

Friend: Dope, that ginge was so D.T.F

Girl: That ginge was def D.T.F
by Mange1193 November 16, 2010
Lower your chin so your face looks very long. Then do a chicken dance while singing "dadadoodadodedada I totally want to go tap that". Repeat until Ginger responds. Gingers tend to respond to sandy brown hair(ask your hairdresser) and those whos name start with c. Example: Courtney
Courtney : I would totally tap that Ginger over there. I think I'll give him a Ginger call.

Girl : Definatly Gingers totally go for that.
by Jason Lan..... December 03, 2010
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