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noun. Light amount of hair in the pubic area, a little thicker than stubble.
Kenny-"I went down on her yesterday."

Justin-"Was she shaved?"

Kenny-" Naw, she had a little ginge."
Nickname for someone with ginger hair.
O hey look, its ginge
by Dale hourihane August 06, 2006
a person with ginger hair

someone who is angry

"look its ginge"

"dont have a ginge over it"

"sorry about ur ginge"
by thatoneufuckedlastnight April 14, 2009
The verb form of being a ginger.
Joey: "Ok jake you and me can chill while bryan and colin just ginge over there."
by Thatskierkid1237 March 12, 2009
A nickname for an extremely powerful drug only found in certain parts of Antarctica!
Hey man, pass me some ginge!
by staytoolong!11 May 07, 2011
a sexually transmitted disease that can be cured by drinking lots of pina coladas from chinese restaurants.(one such outbreak occured during a national Model United Nations conference.)
Man, don't get the ginge of the panoose.
by giyansta May 02, 2005
Can be used to describe the anus, or the vagina.
"There's a car right up me ginge!"
by ladyhancock March 24, 2003