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Someone with a lot of brains.
Very good at soccer.
Made of pure beauty.
Mad personality.
Doesn't have red hair
"oi look at that ginga"
"aww man she's got style"
"i wish i was ging like her"
by meowbiteme March 26, 2009
ginga (hard G, as in "gone", not like in "Geneva") in hebrew is quite the same as "rasia". most simply put, it is a headbutt of magnificent proportions. an offensive move popularised by the Israeli "ars", gingas are both lethal and stylish. they often result in a free ride from "magen david adom" (ambulance).
that ginga left him with 1 eye, half a nostril, and a receding hairline! he'll never insult some1's mother again.
by david weiss July 19, 2006
A true G. Down wiv his homies in the ghetto. Nae messin.Respect
KeNnY DaNNfAld G Unit
by G Lover April 11, 2005
lad with rather large boxer shorts
boxer shorts big enbough to go over his head while being bowled about in a trolley
by Bound January 31, 2003
A racial term for Brazilians/South Americans. Used in the same context as 'nigger'.
Wow, that José is such a ginga!
by Anthony Gingiak November 23, 2007
A child or adult who is made of pure evil and whose skin is a terrible pale color covered in disfiguring freckles and hideous used tampon colored hair. Gingas will almost always deny their own existence.
"Persian or Greek nobody threaten a Ginga"
"Take your stinkin paws off me, you damn dirty ape."-a reference to a ginga
"Look at Beth and her terrible ginganess.....its a good thing she isn't one or we would all be dead"
by Falcore December 14, 2008
gingas are people suffering from the incurable disease known as 'gingervitis', they have orange hair, light skin and frekels. they are known as coppertops, fantapants, gingarians, ginger ninja, rusty crotch, copper knobs, and my personal favourate, road cones. it is highly reccomended that you DO NOT bring any flammable material around them if you value your life!
steve: i think i can take him.
steven: careful man, he's got gingervitis you might get burnt or he'll go raging ginga on your ass. i love you man.
steve: i love you too
by caiku January 31, 2008