A woman past her "cougar" prime looking to hook-up with younger men. Commonly found at country clubs, crappy motel lobbies, flea markets, and dollar stores. In a nightclub environment will usually sport garish lipstick shades and reek of "lilac" perfume. Will travel in a pack of younger cougars and only be introduced to you once it has been confirmed that you have drunk so much that your judgement is incredibly impaired.
Dan: How was the club last night?
Ed: Decent, until I was approached by a pack of cougars.
Dan: C'mon bro, cougars are sweet!
Ed: Fo'sho! but after a couple of drinks they wanted to introduce me to a ginasaur...
Dan: Bad luck indeed, but you mighta scored a wicked "gummer".
Ed: Dude...that ginasaur was wearing 3 layer spanks!
by Garagamus February 07, 2010
Top Definition
An old grizzled woman that insists on showing as much leathery tanned skin as she can, in the hopes that she is still attractive.
No,lets not go to the pool, there are a bunch of drunk ginasaurs hanging around and I'll lose my lunch.
by sean liddle May 13, 2006
When you feel huge and fat at the same time while looking in the mirror. ginasaur is both dinosaur and ginormous mixed together, to create the perfect word for when you look at yourself in the mirror and look fat.
"I am SUCH a ginasaur today"

"could i BE more of a ginasaur today"

"im the biggest ginasaur, i need to start working out"
by hamptonH March 09, 2009
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