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when someone says somthing so stupid that you have to embarrass by saying gimme that neck which means that you take your pointer and middle finger and put it on the back of the persons neck apply pressure and swipe it across the person who is recieving the neck. Also if a person fails doing somthing physical they could normally do they get the neck. There is a few rules to this game too

1) If you say gimme that neck to someone who does not deserve a neck you get the neck for saying it

2) If the person has somthing so stupid that everyone thinks he killed it they get a mega neck whic is when you bring your hand 3 feet behind his neck and then slap his neck with all your strenth

3) If you neck someone for no reason you get 2 necks for it
Manny: We won 5-4 yesterday right?

David: No it was 9-2 Gimme that neck

example of a Mega neck:

Manny: ( Trips, gets back up and drops all of his books)

David: Mega neck
by YouKilledIt April 09, 2010
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When somebody says something stupid that can't be ignored you say "gimme that neck" or "that's a neck"

1. If someone necks you for no reason that's a false neck
2. If a person doesn't neck within a week of saying "that's a neck" or "gimme that neck" the neck is no longer valid
Amy "what is Obamas last name?"

by Bruh-1108 July 19, 2016
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1. When someone says or does something so stupid that it can't be ignored, you say "gimme that neck" and slide your hand across the back of their neck just so they look stupid and everyone knows they suck...has a few rules
a)the neck receiver can call self serve if they know someone is about to call for a neck
b)however, if the neck giver says "gimme that neck, no self serve" or "no nothin" then no self serve can be called and you gotta take that shit like a man
c)if the action or saying is EXTREMELY stupid, then you can call family in which every person of your group gets to neck the receiver

2. Also is incorrectly used by some people about things that can't be helped but they just want to neck you for the hell of it...

1. Ashton: I'm soooo good at basketball, you all suck!
Trev: Gimme that neck!
Will: No self serve!
*Ashton gets his neck annihilated*

2. Robert: Gimme that neck for having blue eyes, and while you're at it, gimme another one for bein taller than me!
Trev: What??!!

by Tshark22 May 02, 2007
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When you have said That's a neck you may also want to say "gimme that neck" you want to raise your hand and neck the person. Necking also meaning slapping the person in the back of their persons neck.
Bob saying to Edward: gimme that neck! *slaps person in the back of their neck*
by slangnotes101 November 19, 2015
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