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In the fashion world, a color that is a mix of metallic gold and silver.
The dress I am wearing to the gala tonight is a shimmery gilver.
by kellyty November 05, 2011
A wet dog. Usually used to describe a dog who has just been washed or has gotten wet and is not dry yet.
In some rare situations, it's sometimes used to describe people, things or other animals, but in most cases, dogs.
This is the only word that rhymes with silver in all the world.
"Why did you wash that dog in the house? The stupid gilver just rolled all over my best shirt!"

"Oh my gosh, get under my umbrella quickly, you're all gilvery!!"

Dog rain wet smelly mess animal bath
by Gorillaz23 March 08, 2011
waking up with morning glory and going for a piss without realizing therefore urinating on your genral face and torso area!
"Holy shit dude i was so knackered this morning that i gilvered everywhere it even went in my mouth"
by jacksten November 08, 2006
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