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Fun, bubbly, usually happy girl. Might possibly be a brony, we don't know yet. Loves volleyball and is an aggressive player in soccer and basketball. Fun at dances. Refuses to cry.
Woah, bro, look at that gilspie dance!

That bruise? Oh, a gilspie accidentally hit me in soccer. It's all good, though, she apologized.

Man, that gilspie can totally make me laugh! What a great friend!
by MuffinsandderpsFTW January 19, 2012
A girl that is smart, but occasionally acts like Heather Morris' character on glee. Usually blonde. Usually very loud and annoying at times. She is obsessed with volleyball and most of the time is lovable.
You're obsessed with volleyball? Gosh, you're such a gilspie!
by angebaby16 November 25, 2011

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