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Gillotts is in Henley-On-Thames so you may think; "oh thats posh" pahaha.. that's the funniest thing i have heard ever! Its a hole with heating that often fails in the midst of winter which leaves its pupils freezing cold, in this instance we wear home jumpers and our deputy, takes them away from us when its snowing?!?! what an idiot! about 99% of the year 8 pupils have gone further than 2nd base, and by year 10 its a sin not to have had sex yet and are rejected by your peers if not and are considered a "pussy". our rules are ridiculous enough that you could use them to run the country, skirt long, trousers up, blue or black biro, 2 rulers? why would you ever need 2 rulers? < if you fail to meet these requirements then you are issued with a two hour after school detention; if you fail to attend this it turns into a temporary exclusion, for not having an extra ruler - ridiculous!
everyone smokes at "the tree" and people are constantly offered a "zoot" or a "toke" once in a while, "50p for a fag!"

all in all - i can honestly say that this school's facilities are crap, rules are crap, teachers are horrible, and the people in it are "different" to say the least!
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by maemaw1 December 07, 2011
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