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To kneecap someone, as Jeff Gillooly and Tanya Harding conspired to do to Nancy Kerrigan. Particularly appropriate in a competitive context.
"This guy totally took my spot on that sports team."
"You want I should Gillooly him?"
by thismonkey July 21, 2009
After Olympic skater, Tonya Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, meaning anything that is incredibly ill conceived, mismanaged, incompetently handled or poorly executed. Synonyms might be clumsy, bungling, inept, amateurish or bush-leagued.
How could Goerge Bush commit one gillooly after another?

George Bush was clearly our first serial gilloolied president.

The Iraq War was as big a gillooly as the Vietnam War.
by Al Bumin March 10, 2009

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