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Town In North Dorset populated almost solely by Chavs. Sometimes referred to as "The Chavs Training Ground".
Large speed bumps in the High Street mean that Chavs have trouble in their pimped rides with low side fairings.
Chav 1- " Shit mate, I snapped me fairings."
Chav 2- " You've bin down Gillingham High Street ain't ya?"
by DrQui September 06, 2006
53 22
a small town in north kent uk between chatham in the west and rainham in the east.where the women are so goddamn ugly that you would not know wether to fuck them or fight them.They all have loose permd hair, big gold loop earings baggy Tshirts compleat with food stains tight black leggings and white stilletto shoes .all have tattoos and facial hair and if your lucky teeth.
you can tell she is from gillingham all her tattoos are spelt properly.
by iceberguk July 21, 2006
56 40
a shite team who want to be as big as Fulham, but obviously never will
Gillingham were relegated to League One after another season of drinking pish.
by TVT June 21, 2005
8 22