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Cradle Of Filth's track number 2 on Nymphetamine album. Very fast and awesome drums.
"Your misery is worn as a veil
To hide bewitchment of the ugliest kind
In place of eve a bitter parody hails
Daggers from the swagger
Of a sodomite's concubine"
by robot January 13, 2005

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A woman/girl that a majority of men will find very attractive, however she will harbour various diseases and creates numerous social dilemmas.
"Dude, Cait is such a fucking Gilded Cunt, stay away from the bitch!"
by Ricky's Malice December 02, 2004
a euphemism for saying a woman is on her period.
She is suffering from gilded cunt.
by Enohp May 18, 2009