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A yuppy mother fucker who gets his hillbilly out only during times of vacation and relaxation.

At home, this city boy dresses the part of a successful entrepreneur; he has country club membership, dresses in the finest clothes, and makes certain that everyone knows he is the shit.

However, when on a family vacation he will often be confused as a backwoods redneck, a true hillbilly Tuckian. He is proud of the notion that those around him think he is an unsophisticated country boy with a shotgun rack proudly mounted in the back of his beat up pickup truck. He deliberately tears the sleeves off his t-shirts and grunts continuously like Karl from Sling Blade.

He is a true Gilbilly!
Friend Tammy: "Oh My God! He is using the freaking pool as a bathtub again. That boy is a serious Gilbilly!!!"

Wife Cheri: "Tell me about it."
#assholevert #hillbilly #redneck #tuckian #douchebag #prick
by J Brighton July 24, 2012
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