To gain recognition by executing with ease something which generally requires a large amount of skill to achieve.
'That was proper Giggs!'

Chris - 'Mate you proper Giggs'd me then!'

Ian - 'It was a piece of piss!'
by babadobey January 04, 2010
Top Definition
Generically unpleasant, repugnant or annoying. Originally proposed as a substitute for the homophobic use of gay as in "that's gay". Inspired by Ryan Giggs' goal celebration against Arsenal.
"Marmite? That's giggs, that is"
"My mates have gone off without me - that's really giggs".
by consett May 27, 2010
Means What's up?, How are you?, What are you doing?
1. Hey, what's your gigg?
2. Not much, just chillin'
by Lyndsay_708 August 13, 2006
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