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Simply another way of referring to the Marajuana plant. Cannabis Sativa
Guy1: Dude, why are you laughing so much?
Guy2: It's awesome man, this reefer's killin' me!
Guy1: So that's why they call it gigglebush...
by [ jhiaXus ] July 26, 2006
A state of uncontrollable giggling induced by smoking marijuana
When you smoke a lot of marijuana you will often times find yourself stuck in the giggle bush.

"hehehehe i'm stuck in the hehehehe giggle bush hehehe"


"ohhh sheeeeet, johnny's stuck in the giggle bush again!"
by Judge Philip Banks February 04, 2010
Same as marijuana, cannibus, hemp.
I wanna smoke some giggle bush.
by Brent Lewis July 31, 2006