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Quagmire's catch phrase from Family Guy.
Peter, I just banged a cheerleader. Giggity Goo!
by Chris Souza January 25, 2006
Used when one is amazingly horney...Used by sex hounds all around the world

Quagmire-"Giggity Giggity Giggity Lets have sex."

"giggity goo"

"Giggity Giggity, alright"
by Arachanoid January 29, 2006
the white gooey substance that come out of a penis during an orgasm.
I covered her face in my giggity goo :D!
by DeezNuttzInYoMouth May 02, 2010
1)When some acts like an idiot/ different then you know them to impress the opposite sex.
2)A substitute for the word go (as in to leave).
1)Dude Nick is becoming giggity goo Nick or Nick is acting all giggity goo.

2)Let's giggity goo.
by Phillip November 22, 2004
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