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small town of Washington State where old people live and many teenagers reside. Old people enjoy the town, while the teenagers hate it.Everyone sits around til 9 comes. That is when everyone drives around waiting who will volunteer to throw the party tonight. People often meet at the McDonalds parkinglot, where it is not uncommon to see 40 teenagers at a time (half of them already drunk). There are parties every weekend and often people sleep in their cars. Weed is found in humungous quantities, but quality is hard to find.
Teenagers get wasted in Gig Harbor every night.
by rosie aka ajax ::.:: alex rose April 08, 2006
a small town in washington state, where there are two types of people- the geezers who love gig harbor and the teens who hate the place and cant wait to get out this "hell-hole". teenagers are always seen hanging around the newly built uptown gig harbor aka the place for the richies.... either getting baked, drunk or waiting for a ride to go to a party. you can easily get drugs in gig harbor.
if you need some weed gig harbor is the place to get it.
by brett roswell July 21, 2008
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