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(verb) The act of dragging a celebrity that is grabbing a giftbasket behind your car whilst driving, thus ending their life. It is very helpful to do this before performing at a concert, to get rid of the pre-show jitters. It's like a massage, only you kill somebody.
Ronnie: Hey, I used to watch that guy on tv when I was little!

Brandon: Let's giftbasket that mofo!
by mrsflowers June 24, 2011
when you blow ass and grab it in mid ayyyer then you throw it in someones face yelling GIFTBASKET GIFT BASKET BITCHESSSSS
fart while grabbing at your ass and grabbing ayyyer and throw it in someone's face then tell them GIFT BASKET GIFT BASKET FOR LIL JOHNNY...CHANGE NAME IF PREFERRED
by cloowvis and shuuuuuquita November 04, 2008