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Invited to a birthday party, wedding, baby or bridal shower by someone rarely see or talk to just to bring a gift. Invite is usually by mass email. Not really friends with the person.
Receive mass email invite to someone's birthday party, whom I have not spoken to in a year. Tried to maintain contact or get together, but person too busy to get together, usually makes no effort. Told by friend when people who make no effort to call or stay in contact, but send out a mass birthday or shower e-vite, are gift grabbing.

Attend baby shower, mother to be barely acknowledges your presence, but happy to take the gift you spent your money on. Barely or does not say "thank you", receive a thank you note via email by the grandmother to be. Blatant gift grab.
by dondoca August 22, 2009
Receiving a wedding or graduation party invitation from someone with whom you have very little connection, or none at all. Typically peaks in the spring and early summer.
"Look, honey, we are invited to Chip and Muffy's wedding this summer! Isn't Muffy the third cousin, twice removed of your old high school teacher's son's first wife? I guess we've gotten a gift grab!
by divamama April 10, 2011
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