A person that drinks too much, yet says they dont like to drink, also somebody who when they drink, somehow, they are millionaires, and think they have a large amount of money, larger than what they actually do.
"dude, i dont remember last night"
"you were such a gibson last night. thanks for the car though."
by F1R3wat3r July 10, 2008
A Gibson is equal to 195lb
and can also be refored to as about 10mins (13mins to be exact).

And was named after the great math teacher of TCHS,
Richard George Gibson.
Friend: I weigh only 0.35 Gibsons!
Friend2: haha i way 0.65gbs!
Friend: You where are you going?!
Friend2: Don't worry, I'll be back in a Gibson.
by Mark Prog October 26, 2007
To be drunk, fucked up, or wasted, and go shooting your mouth off
"Dude, did I pull a gibson last night?"
"Andrew was total gibson last night"
by Nate_783 November 05, 2006
- To be completly wasted and pass out in someone elses yard.
- Someone who has been subjected to Beastiality
"John was completly Gibson at that pary last night"
by J4s0n October 20, 2006
When a person proceeds to remove the lid from the back of a toilet in a local place (i.e. restaurant, fast food joint, cinema, etc.) and deficate inside the tank. The perpetrator then replaces the lid. After days, maybe even weeks, of going unnoticed a poor poor soul will open the lid to investigate and find feces.
Did you guys here Jared left a Gibson in the Dairy Queen shitter last night.
by dylan w March 20, 2008
1. Fountain of poorly-dictated knowledge

2. Mainframe
Before we begin our quest, we must consort with the Gibson, who will serve as an oracle on our journey.

OMG!! STFU or I will hAx0r j00r gibson!!
by pasqua July 13, 2006
Noun: 1. dedicated to sailors who fit the homosexual sailor stereotype.
2. dedicated to someone who likes to practice anal sex and prefers the role of 'reciever'.
3. someone who, in a situation such as prison or naval showers, will purposefully drop the soap.
4. Someone who practices morris dancing in order to successfuly get gay action.
5. A bastard.
6. A queen.
a1.,I was so proud when our son became a soldier serving in the royal navy, until I found out he was a Gibson.'
2. 'you don't have to worry about the state of your rectum; he's a Gibson.'
3. 'I keep slipping on the soap that fucking Gibson keeps dropping to try and get bummed.'
4. 'What's that Gibson doing?!? He'll never get any cock and bum fun Morris Dancing.'
5. 'What a Gibson! Never spending any money, shaving people's eybrows off, and hiding from girls in toilets.'
6. 'That Gibson tried to touch my crotch.'
by William Williamson September 12, 2008

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