A euphemism for being high on weed
Cough cough! Shit, this weed got me gibbous dude!
#marijuana #gibbous #weed #gettin high #drugs
by L Wrong June 19, 2006
Top Definition
A phase of the moon in which it is more than half full, but not entirely full.
The waxing of the gibbous moon bathed the courtyard in a kind of cold starlight.
by Excel November 14, 2003
The state of a penis between a semi and a full blown erection.
I was so drunk, she had to make do with my gibbous
#semi #penis #erection #hard on #drunk
by rich wazza March 09, 2007
to be of scandal; when you're showing a lot but not too much; being provocative; classy yet trashy
Look at that gibbous bitch over there.

This lace makes me feel a little gibbous...
#scandalous #provocative #trashy #classy #sultry #moon phases
by cristozombie March 02, 2015
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