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The art of getting looser drunk to the point of alienating your friends and the people you meet all while remembering nothing from the night before. Possible homosexual tendencies coming to the surface and the need to dance to music regardless of whether you are on the dance floor or not. Picking fights with inanimate objects and strangers, and setting land speed records while crushing hot-dogs and salt & vinegar chips.
Look @ that dude! He's really pissing off those people. He's so Gibbard!

Hey dude! Why is that guy kicking your fusball table? He must be super Gibbard.

I need 25 cheese burgers. My friend is totally Gibbard!

I don't even care anymore man. I'm getting Gibbard!
by Freebird599 June 18, 2011
A "Gibbard" is a great person
"she is such a gibbard!!"
"yeah i know"
by Emmaaaaaaa October 17, 2007
Dysfunctional, broken beyond repair, of poor quality.
Man, this computer is so slow it's Gibbard.

This Gibbard machine ate my dollar.

Forget her bro, she's Gibbard.
by truspeak December 31, 2013

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