A beautiful girl who keeps promises. giannas are very sexy. They are usually brunettes and can either have very silky curly hair or soft straight hair, usually curly though. If you ever meet a gianna hold on to her because she is the best friend you could ever have. gianna's make good girlfriends and will be 100% loyal to you. she will stand up for herself and make sure you get what you deserve. Shes very good at revenge but rarely seeks revenge on people. gianna's stand out in a crowd and dont let people tell them what to do. They also have amazing boyfriends. So, as you can tell, gianna's are amazing people!
i want a gianna tonight!
by bestest friend in whole world. August 12, 2011
Top Definition
the most beautiful girl in the world. She is not only pretty but funny, nice, and fun to be with. <3
wow gianna looks amazing!
by gopher622 January 03, 2008
Shes an amazing Italian or Jewish beautiful girl with so many friends. All her friends know they can go to her for anything, and for trust and honesty. Also, a girl with many guy friends. A lot of boys like her for her great personality and her unique, pretty looks. Shes doesn't care what people think about her craziness, and she's smart, loving, and creative. One of a kind.
I love Gianna!
by heatherlovesgianna April 25, 2010
An amazing italian girl who knows how to have an amazing time. She doesnt give a shit of what people think of her.
She is a uniqe girl , willing to find her true love<3
She has a nice body and takes nice care of herself. She is shy inways but isnt afraid to be herself around ANYONE. everyone usually loves a gianna and will go to them for advice and help w any kind of trouble and problems
Gianna is such an inspirational friend!
she looks beautiful today
whats wrong?i need advise , ohhh, go to gianna(;
by xoxoL0VExoxo<33 July 13, 2011
someone who is gorgeous and talented sexy ;) but also smart she really can be her self around everyone she does what makes her happy she does her best to give advice and be a good rolemoddel for others. a walking orgazm and is down to earth everyone wishes they could be more like her.
by tigerboy&&&& August 11, 2011
an italian girl with a huge mouth. shes crazy, funny, and gorgeous. she has many friends and loves guys. she has brown hair and hazel eyes. guys love to be around her.
gianna is amazing
by fluffy edb June 11, 2011
a girl who is beautiful and has a gorgeous smile she is the prettiest girl in the world has ALOT of friends everyone loves her and wants to be just like her. a gianna is extremely popular and EVERYONE loves her a gianna is hard to live without has a sexy body. all the guys want to bang her cause of her nice ass and awsome tits but has a great and fun personality to.
jack: look at that ass she is such a gianna
micheal:yea and i love her personality...ur right its a gianna
by her boyfriend12345 August 12, 2011
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